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Best Food Blog at Saveur!


UPDATE 4/23/13: Congrats to Ideas In Food for their well deserved win!

Here’s the deal: vote for Jet City Gastrophysics as Saveur’s Best Culinary Science Blog here: http://www.saveur.com/food-blog-awards/vote.jsp?ID=1000014459

Have you done it?  Great – thanks!  To be sure, this is shocking and crazy that Saveur would recognize us, especially in the company of the other nominees. Is “honored” the right word? Perhaps “dumbfounded”.  But there are three reasons why Jet City Gastrophysics should be voted Best Food Blog.  Why?  Because reasons.

3. It would be a shocking upset

This is rarefied company.  Scott, the Seattle Food Geek – and Director of Culinary Research at Modernist Cuisine – won a Best Food Blog in 2010.  Ideas In Food, besides just being well, Ideas In Food, won a IACP Award for Instructional Culinary Writing with Recipes in 2011.  And Allen over at The Alinea Project has been featured in the SF Weekly.

These are strong contenders. Ideas In Food has 25k Twitter followers they can mobilize in an instant.  We’re a small David against the Goliaths of food science blogs! I say we stand and fight!  Yes, their blogs might kick ass all over this blog, but what would be more dramatic than a heart warming come-from-behind story? I can’t imagine.

2. When you vote for JCG, you’re really voting for everyone

You like Ideas In Food? So do we.  A lot!  So much so we’ve blogged about their popcorn gelato and compressed watermelon.  Maybe you’re more of an Alinea aficionado.  OK, we got their ice salad, and a review of eating there. Heck we even have an interview with Chef Achatz and Nick Kokonas.

And Scott?  C’mon, Scott is a co-founder of this blog!  Voting for Jet City Gastrophysics is like saying “You know, I love ALL of you”!  And we love you back.

1. I’ll get a free trip to Las Vegas

Ok, the truth.  If I win, they’ll fly me out to Las Vegas to attend their awards ceremony at the Bellagio.  I’ll represent the little guy, the non-industry type, the People, I tell you!  And trust me, I can out-party everyone, Bourdain included.  I’d blog about it, but, you know, “What happens in Vegas…”, etc, etc.

Voting ends this Friday, April 19th.  So come on and let’s do this! Feel free to share with your friends! Vote now! Woooo! Thanks again!!!