Cooking Through ‘Modernist Cuisine’ At Home

Total Number of Recipes: 1522
Recipes completed: 54
Total Percentage completed: 3.5%

Plated Dishes

Recipe Components Book-Page   Post
American BBQ
East Texas BBQ Sauce 5-69
Kansas City BBQ Sauce 5-68
Kansas Rub 5-68
Kentucky BBQ Sauce 5-71
Memphis BBQ Sauce 5-70
Memphis Rub 5-68
North Carolina (Eastern Region) BBQ Sauce 5-70
North Carolina (Lexington Style) BBQ Sauce 5-70
South Carolina BBQ Sauce 5-70
Corn Bread 5-76
Historic Lamb Curries
Muslim Curry Sauce 5-93
Candied Orange and Carrot Pulao 5-94
Hungarian Beef Goulash 5-55
Goulash Broth 5-56
American Waygu Beef Cheek 5-57
Smoked Pepper Puree 5-57
Goulash Glaze 5-57
Compressed Dill-Pickled Vegetables 5-58
Rye Bread 5-59
Mushroom Omelet 5-215
Mushroom Marmalade 5-217
Mushroom Puree 5-216
Omelet Base 5-217

Example Recipes

Recipe Book-Page   Post
Bacon Jam 4-229
Black Sesame Rice Crisps 4-304
Caramelized Carrot Soup 3-301
Centrifuged Carotene Butter 2-365
Centrifuged Pea Juice (Pea Butter) 2-367
Cheese In A Tube 4-225
Coconut Chutney Foam 4-282
Combi Oven Rib Eye 2-180
Combi Oven Roast Chicken 2-178
Combi Oven Steamed Broccoli 2-181
Compressed Melon Terrine 3-392
Ham And Cheese Omelet 4-95
Hot Blood Pudding Custard 4-221
Kalbi Flank Steak 3-199
Microwaved Beef Jerky 3-184
Microwaved Tilapia with Scallions and Ginger 3-115
Oxtail Pho Broth 2-307
Puffed Chicken Feet 3-133
Pulled Mushrooms 3-396
Sous Vide Berry Juice 2-340
Sous Vide Instant Hollandaise 4-228
Tomato Basil Spheres 4-192
Tomato Water 2-366

Parametric Recipes

Recipe Book:Page   Post
Apple Puree 2-425
Artichoke Puree 2-425
Asparagus Puree 2-425
Beet Puree 2-425
Broccoli Puree 2-425
Brown Chicken Jus 2-344
Chicken Jus 2-344
Gruyere Cheese, thinly spread 4-223

Blog Posts

NOTE: These are not counted in the recipe count above, since they are from the blog and not the book.

Recipe Blog Post URL   Post
Dragon Fruit Chips
Liquid Center Egg

1 thought on “Cooking Through ‘Modernist Cuisine’ At Home”

  1. O…..M…..G , and here was me thinking that was bad when he done every recipe in Hestons book.
    Good luck guys , 27 done out of 1522….Jeez , im gonna enjoy watching you all squirm.
    Alan ( uk )

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