Root Beer Noodle

A Noodle Made Of Root Beer

And so it began – March of 2010.  We all gathered at my place and started on the mysteries of spherification – the process of shaping liquids into spherical shapes.  Our choices: root beer and blueberry juice.

So we grabbed them, and followed the basic recipe:

  1. Mix liquid with sodium alginate
  2. Chill for 30 minutes
  3. Drop liquid using a spoon or pipette into a setting bath of water and calcium chloride for a certain amount of time (the longer it sits, the thicker the shell gets)
  4. Pull out and rinse with water

Our results were mixed.  As you can see, you can create other shapes than spheres.  You can read all about it in detail at Seattle Food Geek and Eric Rivera’s Cooking Blog.  But we realized: hey, we’re onto something.

Jethro Contemplates The Future Of Food

Jethro Contemplates The Future Of Food