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Aw yes, lobster mushrooms. They look like cooked lobsters on the outside and they have a nice meaty texture when cooked…..

Put some salt and pepper on the oxtail and braise it with some veal stock and smoked ham hock…..yes, excellent.  It’s going to be a ragout for the pasta.

Make some fresh rosemary pasta then cut it and work on something else.  (Duck eggs, rosemary, “00″, Semolina, Contadina, Water)

Mushrooms, golden beets, and butternut squash go into bags so they can have a meeting with the immersion circulator for a while. I made a terrine with that carrot ginger soup using agar, took about 3 hours to set.

Well, I’m ready to go so let’s start cooking stuff!

First up is a brown butter brioche with sauce rouille and pickled vegetables.

Next is a carrot/ginger terrine with sous vide butter poached lobster mushrooms, golden beets, butternut squash, and shaved fennel served with a caramelized fig sauce with reduced sherry and contadina extra virgin olive oil.

Finally, an oxtail and smoked ham hock ragout over rosemary/duck egg pasta.

Another successful dinner at my place.  See you next week!