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Our First Dinner Taking Shape

Our First Dinner Taking Shape

Back in December, we wrote about a special project we chose to embark on.  We decided we would take all of the knowledge we’ve gathered over the months working together and actually apply it to a full blown meal.  We christened it “The Thesis Dinner”.  Last week we finally got together and served a multi-course tasting menu to some close friends and family.

Eric And Scott Cooking Up A Feast

Eric And Scott Cooking Up A Feast

I don’t have any pictures of the dishes, as my camera (that is to say, iPhone) became the de facto DJ of the evening, playing a variety of Latin music, from Ranchera to Tango to Spanish rap.  Luckily, it was documented by a couple of attendees, and you can see the fruits of our labors here and here.

It was great fun serving the meal, and took all day to make it.  We arrived at Scott’s at 9am and left around 10pm.  My feet were killing me by the end of it.  I used to bartend and I forgot about how it is to stand the whole time.  But I suffered through it, poor little old me.

We’re making adjustments to the menu for a very special luncheon version coming up.  It’s an exciting step forward and I can’t wait to see – and taste – the final result.

Pressure Cooker and Ice Cream

Note To Self: Move The Ice Cream Station Away From The Pressure Cooker Station