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Eric Rivera

Eric left today for Chicago to start his new position as Culinary Liaison at Alinea.  It’s bittersweet here in Seattle as we love this guy and miss him already, but we also know he is going to continue to forge ahead and keep blowing minds.  We are excited for him and for Alinea.  They have no idea the gift they’ve given themselves.

I went and saw him on his last day as sous chef at Blueacre Seafood, and he threw this out in front of me: seared foie gras with jelly and flowers.  So awesomely amazing.

Foie and Jelly

And it wasn’t always so.  Let me make clear what focus and hard work can do.  I went to Eric’s blog, which documents his culinary escapades.  I picked a couple of shots of his food from January 2009, the first month he posted, and a couple amazing shots that Scott took of Eric’s dishes in August 2011. Check this out:

Potato Before And After
Before and After

Again: Check. That. Out.  That is what happens when you put your heart and soul into your passion. With dedication, you can do anything. It’s not just empty sloganeering. I’ve seen it firsthand.  And soon, so will Grant Achatz and company.

Chicago, watch out.

Jet City Gastrophysics - Jethro, Eric and Scott

Jet City Gastrophysics - Jethro, Eric and Scott