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Jet City Gastrophysics, now in print

Jet City Gastrophysics, now in print

Last spring Scott was contacted about some pictures up on this web site.  They were off of my posts, so he forwarded them to me.  Turns out Gestalten, a German publishing company, was publishing a book on contemporary food culture and wanted to know if they could use the pictures.  Hey, no problem.

And now the book is out.  It’s called Delicate: New Food Culture.  In their own words:

You are HOW you eat, as much as what you eat. Now, more than ever, eating is an expression of our mindset, identity, spirit, culture, and aspirations. Against this background, this book is an entertaining visual exploration of a diverse scene of young entrepreneurs that see eating as a creative challenge. They are united by a passion for making food an experience and are striving to deal with eating and nourishment in more imaginative, more sensuous, and more responsible ways.

There are some really cool projects going on around the world that this book points out that I would have otherwise never heard of: pop up restaurants, custom serviceware, food as art installations, and even foot powered kitchen appliances.

They did mess up our entry a bit – they said I founded JCG whereas I’m a co-founder. This is important, because, well, I just gave Eric a human bone saw and don’t want him angry with me.  But seriously, it’s a great honor and I’m psyched to be included with such an amazing group of talented people across the globe.  Food culture for the win!

So check it out and get your copy today.  Unless you’re one of my family members, in which case you’ll ruin your Christmas surprise.

Delicate: New Food Culture