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Cheese - In A Tube!

Cheese!  In a tube!  Woooo!  I mean, really, it sells itself.  Let’s do this.

Cheese Squeeze

The Cast Of Characters

The Cast Of Characters

So once again, a constructed cheese – we’ve been through this before.  Different cheeses, different presentation, different dish.  This time I minced up some peppers, shredded some aged Gouda and Monterey Jack, and measured out my salts and spices.

Minced Jalapenos
The Ingredients, Prepped

I added the whey protein, sodium citrate, and, of course, the Fibrisol® brand Joha® SDS2 sodium phosphate to 100g of water and got it up to a simmer.

Simmering Salts

I added the cheeses, kept it at a simmer for 2 minutes, and blended it thoroughly with an immersion blender.

Melting The Cheese
Blend It Up

I folded in the cayenne pepper and jalapeno and poured the mixture into a squeeze bottle.  Next, I filled up the empty paint tubes I purchased at a local art supply store, and folded up the ends.

Constructed Cheese Tube Construction

All that was left was to throw it in the fridge.  Done.  And it turned out squeeztacular.

Arty Cheese Tube Plating

There’s all sorts of fun ways to present this as a course during a meal.  Or, you can just throw it in your lunch bag to snack on.  Modernist Cuisine doesn’t have to be all fine-dining-sit-down-$150-a-plate-snooty-whatever. It can also be had just walking down street, squeezed between your thumb and finger.  Easy.  Cheesy.  Squeezy.