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Chris Creating The Future Of Fries

Chris Creating The Future Of Fries

Several months ago Scott, Chris and myself got together to do a cooking session.  We were into frying all sorts of things that night – chicken, of course, and strawberries as well (which turned out really gross).  Then we turned our attention to the humble french fry.  And then something happened.

We found a new way to make french fries. So new, in fact, that we have actually applied for a patent on the idea.  Whaaaaat? I know.  How’d we do that?  Can’t say much yet, but once “patent pending” becomes “patent awarded”, I’ll be happy to tell you.  Needless to say, we’re totally psyched.

It just goes to show, a little creativity with a great group of people can create some pretty cool stuff.  Fearlessly forward we go, spatulas in hand!

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