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I bought a soda siphon and I’m really excited to start working with.  I would like to combine some of the work we did with the whipped cream dispenser then turn it over to this apparatus in order to carbonate our drinks……what….I like bubbles!

Another thing I want to start working on is a good base for infused sodas.  Most sodas today are flavored with high fructose corn syrup and while there is a segment of the population that has a brain aneurysm when they hear about HFCS I just like the taste of real sugar.  If HFCS tasted like real sugar then I wouldn’t care.  Most sodas just have a simple syrup mixture which is just a 50/50 of water to sugar then the flavors are infused from there and most of the time they are artificial….I’m looking at you Coke and Pepsi.   While there have been the natural soft drinks that have come out (Jones and others) I feel like they have been missing something.   If my sodas take off I’ll promise not to burn Michael Jackson……

Another thing I want to do with the soda siphon is make sparkling wines. I realize that this process is achieved through secondary fermentation in the wine world but there are some wineries that do pump in CO2 without worrying about secondary fermentation.  I’m not a big fan of wine but wine that bubbles and sparkles?!?!?!?! You have my attention!

I’ll post my findings here over the next week so stay tuned!