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That’s an egg yolk.

I got together with the guys at Jet City Gastrophysics to work on some projects.  This time our theme was eggs.  It reminded me of my favorite week at school which was egg week.  We had a ton of eggs to cook in every which way possible but we never tried Sous Vide.

Scott was borrowing a machine that Polyscience lent him as well as another machine that he built…the guy is a freaking genius. He had the two baths set up at different temperatures in order for our creative juices to start flowing.

We tried to make a foam mayonnaise but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted….just need more practice and time and I’m sure we’ll get it. On the last foam mayonnaise Scott decided to torch it and it gave us a nice “foamlette” which I wrapped around some salami.  It’s a work in progress.

Next up was another idea from Scott.  ”We should deep fry one of these egg yolks”.  I said, “yeah, we could do that it would be easy”.   A little standard breading procedure and some seasoned flour later we came up with this.   Perfect the first two times we tried it….it’s almost like I fry things a lot at work or something…..

These little things are incredible.  You’ll be seeing them a few more times on this site (waiting on the pancetta to be ready).

Finally, Jeth brought over some bone marrow and he put it in the immersion circulator and cooked it for 45 minutes.  When it came out we tasted it on bread with a little sea salt and it was amazing but then we all studied the texture which was very delicate and creamy.  We were thinking about what else we could do with it.  I thought, “well, we have egg yolks, you have sugar, and cream……let’s make a creme brulee”.  Made those a few thousand times………but this time was with BONE MARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had to leave before the creme brulee was completed so Scott snapped this picture and sent it to me.  His reaction to it leads me to believe that it was something I should make again.  (PHOTO COURTESY OF SCOTT AKA SEATTLEFOODGEEK.COM)


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