What do you need to do this?  Use vodka or better yet, everclear.   Depending on what you choose you can simply weigh it all out, can it cold, and place in the refrigerator for a few days then strain and you got yourself a nice bit of extract for sauces, marinating, baking, or whatever.   Some lend themselves better to going sous vide for about three to four hours.  So get to work, there are tons of crazy extracts for you to make!

Flavors I made today:

Saffron, Orange Zest, Candied Ginger (slice ginger thin, make some simple syrup and as it’s cooling down throw in the ginger then place in refrigerator for a day, take out ginger, dehydrate for 5 hours then toss in sugar with a little malic acid), Cocoa Nib, Adobo, Chili Flake, Coffee, and Licorice Root.

The possibilities are endless!