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New Food Books

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite foodie?  Take a look at our in-depth three-part series of the items used in cooking Modernist Cuisine from earlier this year:

The Price Of Cooking Modernist Cuisine, Part I: Tools And Gadgets
The Price Of Cooking Modernist Cuisine, Part II: Food Additives
The Price Of Cooking Modernist Cuisine, Part III: Cookbooks And Other Resources

The prices might have changed since so click on through to see what they’re currently going for. Some new books have also come out that deserve mention as well:

The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria– $17.15
This isn’t New Cookery at all, but instead 30 simple three course meals that were prepared for the staff at elBulli.  Its easy-to-follow instructions and low price make this a great gift.

Delicate: New Food Culture– $42.00
This book showcases the new food culture movement throughout the world and includes all sorts of cool projects, art installations, and inventions.  It also mentions Jet City Gastrophysics, so hey, cool!

Lucky Peach Issue 2– $9.50
This new quarterly magazine from Momofuku’s David Chang is awesome.  It’s a melange of food philosophy, travelogues and recipes, with a wicked sense of humor.  For example, their corrections and clarifications for their first issue is done as a comic strip. Classic.

Momofuku Milk Bar– $20.18
Momofuku is represented once again, but this time by their pastry chef, Christina Tosi.  Amazing desserts like Cereal Milk Ice Cream and Crack Pie lie within these pages.  I did a pumpkin seed brittle for Thanksgiving from their recipe, but added pumpkin pie flavored candies we made for our pumpkin pie cotton candy.  It was quickly devoured.

Pumpkin Pie Brittle