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Last summer, the owners of Sahale Snacks took a few people out into the San Juan Islands here in Washington State to cook a meal that used ingredients that they found there.  Scott and Eric went along with Jennifer Adler, an expert in seaweed, and Langdon Cook, an expert in foraging.  A culinary adventure ensued with all the requisite plot points – sailing on the sea, trekking through the forest, even the unfortunate drama of illness and a helicopter rescue.

They were expecting a gourmet three course meal.  Eric, however, provided them with a Northwest-style Modernist ten course extravaganza.  A foraged carbonara?  ‘Low Tide’ – a dish that resembled the beach at that time of day?  That and then some.  Eric brought it.  Check it out at their website or check out the videos below. Make sure you at least check out Episodes Three and Four, which feature Scott and Eric, and Eric’s epic cooking skills.



Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five